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If it’s true that people learn from their mistakes, then I guess I qualify as ‘a life long learner’.

Field Report 2015-08-10: Diagnosing a TMP102 Sensor Failure

Over the next few days we did cave dives to exchange units at sites along the coast. Some of these systems were too deep for our camera, and in the shallower systems the visibility could get a bit grim because if you stay in … Continue reading

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Testing Power Use with Complex Datalogger Duty Cycles

There is an old saying that goes: “Yesterdays solutions are today’s problems” and I think that now describes this project. You see the first year of development was focused on pretty straightforward hardware issues, and solving each one produced significant gains in … Continue reading

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The 2014 Cave Pearl Project ‘Year in Review’

With the last field reports of 2014 out the door, I feel I should post something about the project having completed it’s first year as a “serious endeavor”.  At the risk of sounding like A.J.Jacobs,  it has been “A Year of Living Inventorly”, and the fact that … Continue reading

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What to expect buying cheap electronic components from eBay

After playing the SD card shell game for the last week, I think I have finally found a way to make sure that I have authentic Sandisk cards for my data loggers. Muve music microSD cards were custom built by Sandisk for … Continue reading

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Drip Sensor Update: The Gamma Build

I suggested in the last post that a new build usually comes together on the third iteration, so I though I would post a few photos of the current drip sensor, to show how much they changed in that short series: That Alpha would only … Continue reading

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Building your sensors & underwater housings from scratch

I reviewed my build journal recently, and found enough themes in there for another bit of bloggy catharsis.  No one should mistake this as the advice of an expert in anything, as I have a long way to go before I start collecting karma points at the playground. … Continue reading

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Buffering sensor data to an AT24C32 eeprom on I2C

While I was waiting on the results of the week-long power consumption test of the SRAM buffering script, I continued thinking about other ways I might extend the operating lifespan of the Pearls. I had originally considered using the processors … Continue reading

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